IF YOU’RE LIKE ME, you love the edgy-ness and Victorian nostalgia of goth-inspired clothing, but wish it was a bit more practical for outside the NYC clubbing arena. After all, going shopping in platform boots gets tiring after a while and capes tend to get caught on the most dreadful things. Ouch.

I put together a short list of some traditionally “goth” items and how to make them a bit more wearable for the day time, or even at work:

1.) Fishnet stockings: The key is keeping it more Dita von Teese than hard-core fettish photography: Pair them with: knee-length pencil skirts in any solid color, kitten heels, and a pretty ribbon in your ponytail. For something more conservative, try them with tailored black trousers and an open toed stilleto.

2.) Corsets: The key here is wearable, wearable, wearable. Save the authentic hand-crafted whalebone stuff for Dances of Vice. For the day time, you want to keep it comfy without losing your delicate femininity ~faints!~:
Work: Club Monaco or Express sometimes makes stretchy solid-color corsets to throw over a boring white buttoned-down collared blouse.
Weekend: Try pairing a Victoria’s secret floral non-opaque bustier with a long cardigan. Shh…no one has to know it’s really underwear…
Evening: Over an opaque or lace top. For extra credit, Charlotte Russe also makes more structured corsets with lacing in the back (as pictured above).

3.) Latex: Fortunately, since the new rubber leggings craze, the best way to wear latex without getting scolded for work-inappropriate dress, is on your legs, preferably under flowy dresses or skirts to soften that pattened leather shine (bonus points if you chose an innocent white prairie skirt!). Contrary to popular belief, latex thigh-high stockings are a lot more comfortable and form-flattering than bothersome rubber leggings.

4.) Patent platforms: Keep the platforms as high-end as you can. Dolce & Gabana, Channel, and Christian Dior are coming out with some great designs. I promise that the better the name, the more flattering the cut and the more wear you’ll get out of them. If you have to invest in one item of clothing, I’d say go for the shoes. Your feet will thank you.

5.) Post-modern biker boots: Most ladies tend to pair these with combat pants or micro-minis. However, these can go well with almost any understated outfit, including an airy skirt, lace- lined camisole, and a huge antique locket. Someone who did boots quite well was Rumi on Fashion Toast.

6.) Leather: Go as crazy as you want with this one! From dresses to long jackets to skirts pair with white flowy blouses.

The key to making any of these pieces work for everyday is to make sure that the piece you wear is the focus of the outfit.

READERS:Are there any chaotic pieces you have that don’t seem to fit with your everyday wardrobe?


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